We want your girls to feel at home when they are here to be bred, and we will do everything possible to make them feel comfortable and at home to ensure that they will conceive and carry a healthy litter. We provide; First and foremost SAFE AND COMFORTABLE CARE FOR VISITING BITCHES. We will pick up at Toronto International (Pearson)  Ship Air Canada OR West Jet Your bitch will be kept in our home (usually the living room) in a large Midwest Life Stages crate where her bedding will be changed daily. She will be exercised in our fully fenced yard, and if we feel she is a flight risk she will be walked on a flexi in the yard She will be fed the food you provide, on her schedule, or if you prefer she will be fed what we feed (Fromm).  We check EACH collection under the microscope BEFORE insemination to be sure that our boys are viable. All bitches will be bred AI, using NEW rods and syringes, smears are available on request. We can also provide CHILLED SEMEN via Fed-X. We do a minimum of three breeding.  We will do a forth if we feel it is necessary. We will let you know as soon as we feel you girl is ready to go home. BREEDING FEES are payable at time of service, the remainder with your litter registration. We are PROMPT with litter registrations, and we are set up to do on line registrations.  If you prefer hard copies or you are not set up for on line registrations we will have the shortest possible turnaround.
WE ARE PROUD TO SAY OUR CONCEPTION RATE IS VERY HIGH  We want you to have a large and healthy litter. Contact us if you have questions @ highledge@cogeco.ca
The Visiting Girls