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June 11th 2022... A New Champion for HIGHLEDGE.  Congratulations to Bill and Judi Byrne on finishing BPIS CH HGHLEDGE LYRICISLE BUSTER BROWN in just two weekend with numerous BREED wins over SPECIALS, a group 2, two BPIG and a BPIS. January 1,2022... We welcome a new year with hopes that this is the year life gets back to normal.  PLEASE! June 30, 2021... Big changes at HIGHLEDGE we have relocated to Simcoe ON. We look forward to seeing everyone soon. May 23, 2021....Who knew that a year later we would still be in the Covid 19 Pandemic. The positivity rate is still around 5% and it seem there is no end in sight. January 1, 2021...Over the past year, we at HIGHLEDGE have made the decision to cut back on the number of dogs we keep and the numbers of breedings we will be doing.  We will be locating to Simcoe ON from Rural Hamilton at the begining July and we do hope to still have a litter or two each year. Feel free to inquire from time to time.  At this time we have no puppies available. April 8, 2020... Who knew what the year would bring. We could have never believed that we would or even could be in the middle of a world wide pandemic. We are feeling very blessed that we are still well, not financially affected, and have food in our fridge, freezer and cupboards.  We are in this together, so please stay safe and we hope to see ya’ll very soon. January 1, 2020... we rang in the New Year with hopes of a successful 2020. There does come a time when we have to realize that we can no longer do  it all on our own, and I have arrived. That being said the year 2019 was one of our most successful years. With a great deal of help from some fabulous co-owners co-breeders, FIVE Highledge bred/co bred dogs finished in 2019. The first to finish was BPIG Ch. Highledge Tresta Jetset (BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Macadamia ROM/ROMC x Highledge Liar Liar). Jet placed second in the 6-9 month S & W class at the ASSA National, and finished in Canada as a junior puppy. Jet is co-owned with Petra Skapa (Tresta Shelties) and co-bred with Darlene Allison. The next to finish was BPIS Ch Highledge Pretty Little Liar (BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Macadamia ROM/ROMC x Highledge Liar Liar), co-owned with Bill and Judi Byrne (Lyricisle) Celine also finished as a Junior puppy, with multiple group placings. Co-bred with Darlene Allison. Number three for the year was BPIS Ch. Ennismoor This Girl Is On Fire (BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Macadamia ROM/ROMC x Highledge Liar Liar). Also finishing with group placements Kortney is owned by and co- bred with Darlene Allison. The forth champion was the multi group winning Ch Highledge Greendor  Talkin’ Bout (above) (BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Macadamia ROM/ROMC x Ch Highledge Gossip Girl) owned by Dorothy Greenaway. Last but not least BPIS BBPIS Ch Highledge Lyricisle Rise Up  (right)(BISS Am/Can Ch Laureate Macadamia ROM/ROMC x Ch Highledge Gossip Girl) owned by Bill and Judi Byrne. Co-bred with Darlene Allison. I can not thank the owners of the above dogs enough for getting these puppies out and finished so fast. I am forever grateful. Thanks also to Darlene Allison for co-breeding these litters, we somehow knew they would be special. 2019 also found us back in the show ring, albeit in the Baby Puppy Class, with the adorable Angelica. (Ch Highledge Greendor Talkin Bout x Highledge Liar Liar) While she was a bit of a wild child, she did manage to stand still long enough to be awarded Best Baby Puppy In Show. On July 23rd 2019 we said a sad farewell to a very special sheltie. A singleton puppy, a Best Puppy In Show winner, a Best Puppy In Specialty Show winner, a Best Veteran In Show winner, an Irish Cream daughter, and the Princess of Highledge. CH HIGHLEDGE WILD IRISH ROSE.  We will miss her terribly. Many thanks to Dr Huffman for coming to our home and allowing Olivia to pass in the place where she was born I wish everyone a VERY HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR, I hope to get out to a few shows next year, and look forward to seeing ya’ll there. Be good to each other and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!